Inspection & Codes

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Membership in STBOA, NFPA, ICC

Duties of the Code Enforcement Officer are as follows:  Review plans for Code compliance, issue permits (Building, Sign, Demolition, etc.).  Field inspections of construcion, C/O & C/C's, violations and Stop Work Orders.  Issue appearance tickets for violations.  Commerical fire inspections for local businesses. All businesses within the Town of Delhi are required to have an annual fire inspection at all places of business. Fire inspections of structure fires, chiimney, furnace and stove fires.  Flood management and issuance of permits in floodplain.  Administering and enforcing Zoning ordinace and N.Y.S. Building and Fire Codes.  Keeping track of all open old building permits dating to 1984.

Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 8:30 - 10:30 AM

(607) 746-6733