Year: 2011
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Resolution #4 of 2011 Lois W. Ray Bridge Dedication
Resolution #5 of 2010 Authorizing the Creation of a Town Constabulary/Peace Officer Positions or Positions/NYS Town Law Section 3k9/CPL 210/220
Resolution #5 of 2011 NYCDEP Continuing to Implement a Land Acquisition Program in the Watershed of the NYC Water Supply
Resolution #6 of 2010 Authorizing Shared Highway Services on Behalf of the Town of Delhi
Resolution #6 of 2011 NYSDEC Issued a Water Supply Permit to the DEP Which Authorizes DEP to Purchase Land in Fee and to Purchase Conservation Easements Within NYC Watershed West of Hudson River subject to Certain Restrictions
Resolution #7 of 2010 Adopting Hamlet Extension Areas Within the NYC Watershed
Resolution #7 of 2011 The Town Board Passed Resolution #6 of 2011 Identifying the Parcels within the 1997 Designated Area and the 2011 Designated Area
Resolution #8 of 2010 Authorizing Application for Funds From the 2007 Justice Court Assistance Program
Resolution #8 of 2011 In the Matter of the Village of Delhi's Continuing Responsibility Over the Structure Locally Known as the "Woolerton Street Bridge"
Resolution #9 of 2010 In the Matter of Adopting a Dog License Law Not Having a Significant Adverse Impact on the Environment SEQRA Negative Declaration
Resolution #9 of 2011 West Branch Stream corridor Recreation Initiative Grant Funding
Year: 2012
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Resolution #4 of 2012 Procurement Policies and Procedures For the Town of Delhi
Resolution #5 of 2012 to Issue a Negative Declaration Under the State Environmental Quality Review Act for the Town & Village of Delhi Jt. Comprehensive Plan
Resolution #6 of 2012 to Adopt Town & Village of Delhi Joint Comprehensive Plan
Resolution #7 of 2012 Public Hearing on the Adoption of a Local Law for Flood Damage Prevention
Resolution #8 of 2012 of the Town Board of the Town of Delhi Determining That There Are No Adverse Impacts on the Environment From Adoption of the Flood Damage Prevention Law
Resolution #9 of 2012 of the Town Board of the Town of Delhi in the Matter of the Adoption of Local Law No. 1 of 2012 Entitled FLOOD DAMAGE PREVENTION LAW
Year: 2014
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Support for Recent County Resolutions
Year: 2016
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Year 2016